Now more than ever, we need strong, progressive leadership to fight for working families. Let’s build a movement together, and a Brooklyn we can all afford to live in.

Housing is a
human right

Brian helped secure funding for affordable housing initiatives at the nonprofit Nazareth Housing, and in the Assembly, he would fight for rent-to-own programs so residents can develop the resources to become homeowners.

Holding the MTA

In the Assembly, Brian will demand fair fares for public transportation, more bike lanes, and access to CitiBikes to better serve our communities.

Immigrants are
the fabric of our

Raised by a single Jamaican mother, Brian knows the struggles of raising families in the city and the obstacles that immigrants face on a daily basis. Brian will always defend DACA, stand against ICE, and work to ensure access to legal counsel and public services. He will go further and demand that all immigrants receive permanent, not just temporary, protection.

is a human right

No one should be denied access to healthcare because they cannot afford it. Brian will fight to create a Universal Healthcare system that covers every person, regardless of citizenship, immigration, health, or employment status.

Small Businesses Make Our Communities Unique, Employ Our Neighbors, & Help Drive Our Local Economy

As your Assembly Member, Brian will push for tax incentives for small businesses who hire full-time employees and incentivize the creation of more incubator and coworking spaces for startups to drive down the cost of rent.

When Brian was Director of the Council’s Small Business Services, he was instrumental in the creation of Chamber on the Go which comes to the doorsteps of small businesses to provide government services on the spot.

Caring for
our Seniors

Brian helps care for his elderly family members and understands the day to day issues our seniors face. As your Assembly Member, Brian would increase funding for senior services and centers and work to ease senior citizens’ financial burdens. Our aging population deserves to live with dignity.

for Youth

As the son of a single mother and product of New York City public schools, Brian understands what it takes for a child to receive a good upbringing. For the past decade, he has worked directly with youth providing services and mentorship programming in underserved communities. Brian will increase funding for mentoring services, vocational training, and arts and recreation programs so our children have opportunities to succeed.

Criminal justice
reform is overdue

Stop-and-frisk may technically be over, but countless community members still experience discrimination and profiling. Brian is committed to fully ending these practices and to improving re-entry programs for formerly incarcerated individuals.
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